S U N - F R I  1 5 - 2 1
S A T  1 2 - 2 1

We serve seasonal, simple food from our own kitchen with a big heart.

Our regularly changing menu consists of seasonal ingredients. We also encourage to try and share different dishes around the table. Enjoy!


B R E A D   B A S K E T  ( M )  4 , 0
Our handamde sourdough bread and churned butter with rosemary salt


B R U S C H E T T A  ( V E )  8 , 0
Mashed parsnip, salted nuts and balsamico on top of roasted sourdough bread

R A I N B O W T R O U T  ( L , G )  9 , 0
Rainbow trout roasted with spices, pickled apple and browned butter

C H I C K E N  ( L )  9 , 0
Chicken terrine, sourdough brioche and red currants


P U M P K I N  S O U P  ( L , G )  8 , 0
Butternut squash soup and pumpkin seeds. Also available vegan

Shared plates for two

C H E E S E P L A T E  ( V L , G )  1 0 , 0
A selection of Finnish cheeses, organic honey and caramelized peanuts

C H A R C U T E R I E    ( L , G )  1 0 , 0
Our own selection of charcuteries with condiments and sourdough bread

Main courses

P I K E  ( L , G )  1 4 , 0
Pike, creamed leeks and white wine sauce

PORK  ( L , G )  1 4 , 0
Braised pork, pancetta, roasted carrots, oxtail and butter sauce

C A B B A G E  R O L L  ( V E , G )  1 4 , 0
Broad beans, fried portobello mushrooms and onion broth


WARM SALAD  ( V E , G )  6 , 0
A warm salad of seasonal vegetables

G N O C C H I   ( L , G )  7 , 0
Potato gnocchis, kale and goat cheese sauce

L E N T I L S   ( V E , G )  7 , 0
Puy- lentils, barbeque sauce and gremolata


W H I P P E D   P O R R I D G E   ( L , G )  7 , 0
Whipped apple porridge and local vanilla ice cream

F R E N C H   T O A S T   ( L )  7 , 0
Home made french toast, vanilla sauce and salted caramel

P U D D I N G   ( V E , G )  7 , 0
Oat milk custard, oat crumble and lingonberry

I C E   C R E A M  /  S O R B E T
Arctic Ice Cream Factory ice creams
1 scoop 4,0 / 2 scoops 7,0
L = Lactose free   G = Gluten free   VL = Low lactose   VE = Vegan and milk free

In need of a venue to your party or space for a bigger meeting?

We at Koti are happy to help by planning with you the kind of occasion you want. 

Please contact us by phone to +358 44 7961 333
or by email to cafe@hostelcafekoti.fi.

Koti Kitchen

We do a lot ourselves, beginning with the first loaf of bread and the cinnamon buns early in the morning, ending with the last desserts of the evening. We want to do things right with a laidback attitude, meaning that you always feel well nourished and welcome at Koti.

Café Koti

Café Koti offers great coffee, drinks, pastries and a la carte food in an easygoing atmosphere

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Koti Bakery

We aslo bake our delicious pastries by pre-order for you to enjoy at home or parties

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